29 December 2008

Sorry for the Confussion

If you dropped by a few times today, and saw that our header is suddenly small, then back to normal, then turned to coloured, and then back to the black and white, we apologise for the confussion. We are trying to "colour" our blogshop! :D

And now its finally done!



Cute isnt it? LOL!!

All hard work credit to our big sister. She's the designer, photographer, photo editor and also our driver to the frequent post office visits. We've been asking her to colour up the logo for ages and she finally had the time to sit in front of the computer and do it up. :D

Thank you jie jie!! :D

Oh~ we also added a link button (finally!!) as there has been a few request for the link button. now we can link each other! but dont forget to inform us if u did! :D

Till then, tata!!

24 December 2008

Hearts of Diamonds Necklace

love love love!!! a must-have bling bling! a big heart-shape diamond attached with 3 mini ones at the side.. & it has a heart-shape-linked chain! what's there not to heart bout this necklace? =D

tip to tip - 48cm
big heart ~ 1.5cm




03 December 2008

Sold Items (from 1/6/11 to 31/8/11)

Rich Plum Body Butter sold at RM45

Neroli Jasmine Bubble Bath sold at RM10 each

Peach Shower Gel sold at RM15

Maybelline Great Lash Big Mascara sold at RM25

Zara Sweet Pink Bolero sold at RM15

High-waist Handsome Pants sold at RM15

Thank you! =)

02 December 2008

Sold Items (from 1/3/11 to 31/5/11)

Authentic A|X tshirt sold at RM45

Cute Dress with Bow sold at RM10

Knee Length Leggings sold at RM10

Green Dress sold at RM10

Funky Dress sold at RM45

Bows & Diamantes Sandals sold at RM20

Chiffon & Crochet Dress sold at RM15

Ankle Length Sandals sold at RM35

Leopard Print Tights sold at RM12

Black Pumps sold at RM15

Tunic Top sold at RM10

Lace Top sold at RM10

Thin Weave Belt sold at RM12

Red Braided Dress sold at RM20

Thank you! =)

01 December 2008

Sold Items (from 1/1/11 to 28/2/11)

Blue Pumps sold at RM15

Cheesy White Top sold at RM10
Green Checkered Top sold at RM10

High-Waisted Shorts sold at RM28

Button Handbag sold at RM15

Bebe Toga Top sold at RM40

Thank You All! =)

30 November 2008

Sold Items (from 8/11/10 to 31/12/10)

Anna Sui Dolly Girl Perfume sold at RM120

Pleated Skirt sold at RM5

Aubrie Waist Belt sold at RM25

Blue Maxi Dress sold at RM30

Satin Tube Top / Dress sold at RM10
Basic Kimono Dress sold at RM15

Dress in Stripes sold at RM13

Thank You for the support! =)

29 November 2008

Sold Items (from 30/5/10 to 7/11/10)

Tartan Leggings sold at RM15

Missha Lite Perfume sold at RM10

Flare Mini Skirt sold at RM10

Lace Dress sold at RM15

Glitter Waistband Skirt sold at RM10

Checkered Shirt sold at RM15

Bubbles Kimono Dress sold at RM20

BB Magic Mist sold at RM10

Thank you for the support! =)

28 November 2008

Sold Items (from 25/1/10 to 29/5/10)

Peace of Mind Sensory Theraphy sold at RM40

Vintage Inspired Dress sold at RM50

Guess Necklace sold at RM30

Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Eye Capsules sold at RM100

DKNY Halter Dress sold at RM50

Skirts sold at RM20 each

Gingham Top sold at RM10

Blazer sold at RM10

Thank You All! =)