30 November 2008

Sold Items (from 8/11/10 to 31/12/10)

Anna Sui Dolly Girl Perfume sold at RM120

Pleated Skirt sold at RM5

Aubrie Waist Belt sold at RM25

Blue Maxi Dress sold at RM30

Satin Tube Top / Dress sold at RM10
Basic Kimono Dress sold at RM15

Dress in Stripes sold at RM13

Thank You for the support! =)

29 November 2008

Sold Items (from 30/5/10 to 7/11/10)

Tartan Leggings sold at RM15

Missha Lite Perfume sold at RM10

Flare Mini Skirt sold at RM10

Lace Dress sold at RM15

Glitter Waistband Skirt sold at RM10

Checkered Shirt sold at RM15

Bubbles Kimono Dress sold at RM20

BB Magic Mist sold at RM10

Thank you for the support! =)

28 November 2008

Sold Items (from 25/1/10 to 29/5/10)

Peace of Mind Sensory Theraphy sold at RM40

Vintage Inspired Dress sold at RM50

Guess Necklace sold at RM30

Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Eye Capsules sold at RM100

DKNY Halter Dress sold at RM50

Skirts sold at RM20 each

Gingham Top sold at RM10

Blazer sold at RM10

Thank You All! =)

Sold Items (from 29/12/09 to 24/1/10)

Chiffon Crochet Dress sold at RM30

Forever 21 Bangle sold at RM15

Forever 21 Headband sold at RM10

Black & White Floral Dress sold at RM70

Sexy Turtleneck Top sold at RM10

Green Maxi sold at RM50

Hoodie Top sold at RM5

MNG Bag sold at RM30

Non-authentic Tiffany&Co Earrings sold at RM10

Thank You! =)

Sold Items (from 23/11/09 to 28/12/09)

Ankle Boots sold at RM30

Khaki Skirt sold at RM5

The Style Perfect Finishing Base sold at RM10

Paul & Joe Facecolour Powder sold at RM30

The Body Shop Peach Body Lotion sold at RM25

Red Mini Skirt sold at RM5

Red Trench Coat sold at RM15

ZA Tinted Moisturizer sold at RM10

Big Thank You to Everyone!! =)

Sold Items (from 8/9/09 to 22/11/09)

Missha Lite Perfume HH005 sold at RM15
Light Blue Cardigan sold at RM5

CK IN2U Perfume Vial sold at RM10 each

Coach Wristlet sold at RM90

Leg Warmer sold at RM10
Long Green Top sold at RM21

CK Sexy Back Top sold at RM30


Sold Items (from 17/7/09 to 7/9/09)

Giordano Junior Cardigan sold at RM25

The Grundgy Lolita sold at RM52

Blanc Blanc Hair Fragrance sold at RM13

Brown Mary Janes sold at RM50

Loreal Perfect Shape Leg Relief sold at RM20

Lancome Renergie Morpholift Masque sold at RM60

Brown Maxi sold at RM28

Ankled Leggings sold at RM26

Three Quarter Leggings sold at RM24